Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S) Review

Summertime Means Sweltering Heat

The Whynter-Dual-Portable Air Conditioner is a perfect, compact cooling unit that I can’t imagine living without. Originally, I purchased this as an addition to supplement the window unit I had been using, however found it does the job of cooling down small rooms, and you can’t beat the price. As single mom, my budget is tight and so are my living quarters, so this unit works perfectly.

Portability, Lightweight, and “Gadget Gal” Guaranteed

With the Whynter-Dual-Portable Air Conditioner, my son now sleeps in his own room instead of cramped in my room to stay cool. Because if the product’s portability and compact design (3ft.), it can be moved anywhere in my home. Its slim design makes it lightweight compared to some of the other units which tend to be bulky. Also, I’m not a “gadget friendly” kinda gal, and even I was able to assemble it quickly and get it running immediately.

Cools a Room Quickly

The air that flows through the unit is extremely cold so it cools down a room quickly. One down side- it can be slightly noisy, however the cool air is worth the compromise.  Turning it on the highest setting will make the room feel like Siberia in seconds, however it does a wonderful job on a low fan setting once the room has gotten to the desired temperature.

Some features of the Whynter-Dual-Portable Air Conditioner include:

  • Three modes of operation: dehumidifier, air conditioner, or fan
  • Thermostatic control between 61°F to 89°F with a digital readout and a programmable timer up to 24 hours
  • Upgraded plastic window kit (46″ max.), remote control, washable pre-filter and carbon air filter are included
  • Dehumidification of up to 101 pints per day, three fan speeds
  • Unit includes extendable exhaust, intake hose (up to 60″) and a window kit (up to 46″)
  • Maximum power consumption: 1250 W / 10.8 A
  • Power supply: 115 V / 60Hz / 1 Phase

Save on Monthly Utility Bills

With a list price of $599.99, it can be fairly steep, however, you can get a rebate or coupons for $150.00 which saves 25% plus some places will offer free shipping and along with next or two day delivery. When you compare the cost of this unit to having to use central air, which can really add up, especially if the unit isn’t working properly,  it will pay for itself in just a few months.