Panasonic NN-SE982S Review – the Best Countertop Microwave

There’s no getting around the importance of a good microwave. It can really make or break the setup you have going on in your kitchen. We use microwaves for more things than I could realistically list right now, but sufficed to say, you want the best option possible for your countertop unit. In terms of its options, price and overall usability, you can’t go wrong with the Panasonic NN-SE982S.


Let’s first begin our analysis of the Panasonic NN-SE982S by going over the basics, namely, its dimensions. This 1250-watt countertop microwave is 2.2 cubic feet, featuring a 16 ½ inch turntable inside that ensures your food is exposed to a uniform amount of heat as cooking ensues.

The unit weight just under 37 pounds, so it’s a solid microwave that can hold its own. Inside, you can expect a space that is 18 ½ inches long and 18 7/16 inches wide. It’s 10 15/16 inches tall inside the machine. Outside, it’s 19 7/16 inches long, 14 inches tall and 23 7/8 inches wide.

Inverter Technology

There are a number of reasons to consider the Panasonic NN-SE982S and you may even find many more to celebrate long after you’ve purchased it. But the primary selling point should really be the inverter technology it features, something this unit holds over all others it competes with.

In the future, more microwaves will probably feature this amazing technology as it changes the machine from a simple tool for reheating to a device that can legitimately cook food like an oven.

You see, most microwaves use what’s called a magnetron to cook your food. This component can only operate at full power though. Even if you have a microwave that lets you adjust the power, it’s not working like you think it is. For example, if you set the power to just 50%, what actually happens is that the microwave cycles the power on and off—going from 100% power to no power and back again.

But inverter technology means actually 50% will be delivered consistently the entire time. As a result, you get food that is more evenly cooked and that will stay warm until it’s time to enjoy. This technology is also great for things like cooking sauces, melting butter and chocolate and other operations that need consistent amounts of heat throughout.
With the exception of a single GE model, only Panasonic microwaves currently operate with inverter technology.

Other Features

You’ll find the Panasonic NN-SE982S has plenty more to offer though. For example, there’s the menu action screen that provides step-by-step instructions for all kinds of recipes. It can provide them in French, Spanish and English.

Its one-touch sensor button ensures that all you need to do is push one button and the microwave will immediately set the power and time you want for a specific food, saving you time.

So if you’re in the market for a countertop microwave, the Panasonic NN-SE982S makes your choice easy. Not only does it offer a ton of amazing features, but the price is reasonable too.