NewAir Al-100R 28 Pound Portable Icemaker Review

I bought this unit for two reasons: to replace my broken icemaker in my full size fridge, and to save time and money from running down to the convenience store to get ice all the time.  I have had the icemaker for several months, and thought I would share my thoughts.


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The portable icemaker is bright red, but it actually does not look too tacky sitting on my counter.  It is the perfect size to fit within my countertop and cabinets, but I do need to pull it out a bit to empty the ice.

The unit features an LED panel that provides three choices in ice cubes: small, medium, and large.

This unit makes up to 28 pounds of ice per day, with the first batch being ready within 15 to 20 minutes after plugging the icemaker in and adding water.


This icemaker does exactly what it says it does.  I have never actually measured how much ice it produces per day, but it provides more than enough for my family of 4 – and keeps us stocked well when we have friends and family over.  It also produces an entire batch within 15 to 20 minutes, so wait times are minimal.

The unit has a removable bin that is easy to move around, and it comes with a scoop.  This makes removing the ice easy, without any heavy lifting.

Automatic shut – off when the ice compartment is full.  This prevents constant running, and prevents the ice bin from over flowing.


While this icemaker has an automatic shut off, this can present some problems if you are not careful.  Since it shuts off on its own, this means that any ice left in the unit will melt.  The melted ice drains back into the water tank, but if you have not drained any water left over in the unit, it can overflow and leak.

The unit has three settings, and each setting does work.  However, the cubes do get larger after each batch of ice – regardless of what setting you choose.


Overall, this portable icemaker does what it says – it makes ice.  As long as you understand that this is not designed to sit there running constantly, you should have very few problems.  If I am not having people over, or the kids are at school, I just remove the ice and store it in freezer.