Midea HS-120L Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator with Freezer Review

Everyone could use a mini refrigerator either at home, at the office, or just in their college dorm room. The mini fridge has been a dependable tool to keep our food and drinks cold for whenever we need or want them. The Midea HS-120L Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator with Freezer is quiet enough to go anywhere you need it and dependable enough to last.


The Midea HS-120L Compact has many features that are essential when picking out your mini fridge. The adjustable thermostat helps to ensure it is cold enough inside the fridge so your food doesn’t go bad and the separate chiller compartment is an excellent addition as a freezer. It has adjustable legs and a reversible door, making it a good fit for wherever you want to put it. For example you can sit it under or beside your desk, beside your bed, and so much more. It is quiet enough to not bother you while you work or sleep, and has a full 1 year warranty for the fridge itself and a 2 year warranty for the compressor.

Good Reviews

This mini fridge makes a perfect gift, and everyone loves its performance and the price. One customer said she wanted something for her office to keep frozen food items, she purchased the Midea HS-120L because it was reasonably priced. When she finally received her purchase she was excited that it works great, looks great, and is quiet enough that it doesn’t disturb her work. Another customer states that she had bought one for the office of the gym she runs, she said it is perfect. All the trainers can store their drinks and lunches without extra space.

Bad Reviews

Some people have not had the best of luck with the Midea HS-120L Compact while some are receiving damaged products, others say they plug in the fridge and it doesn’t get cold and is very noisy. This could be due to the damage that the refrigerator has sustained, or it could be something else entirely. However, a majority of the negative reviews seem to focus on damage during transit and that it is noisy.


The Midea HS-120L Compact is a great mini fridge however if it happens to be damaged in transit, it will be loud and not as effective. If you do get a damaged fridge, return it for a replacement as this product is worth the time. Many people love this product for the cost as well as performance, and should be given a fair chance to shine.