Danby DAR259BL 2.5 Cu. Ft Designer Compact Refrigerator Review

This review is for a Danby compact refrigerator.  I have had this unit for quite some time, and thought I would share my experiences so that others know what to expect with their purchase.

Danby DAR259BL

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This mini-fridge is pretty small – it is only around 28 inches tall, so it actually fits on my countertop or bar area without taking up all available space.

There is plenty of room inside the unit for holding beverages, lunches, or condiments.  There is also a can holder on the door that allows you to save space if needed.

This unit does not have a freezer compartment, so you need to be aware of this if you are planning on using to freeze anything.

The fridge also has two adjustable shelves, allowing you to store taller bottles and cans if needed.

The Good

This mini-fridge works very well.  It maintains a constant temperature, and reaches your desired temperature within 5 hours tops.

The adjustable thermostat allows you to select the temperature that you like.  Be warned, however, that this thing will freeze your beverages if you turn it up too high.

There is plenty of space inside this unit.  The adjustable shelves allow more freedom to store things, which is great when you are planning a party or need extra space for storing smaller food items.

The Bad

There are not that many issues with this unit but want to make sure I give a reliable review.  The first issue I had does not have anything to do with the function of the unit.  The packaging on this item is not the greatest, so there were a few dents when I took it out of the box.

This fridge is a bit on the loud side, but nothing that is too dramatic.  If you are planning on using this in a bedroom or near a sleeping area, it might pose some issues.  Honestly, it is not much louder than my full size refrigerator.

There is no freezer in the unit, which can be a good thing as far as usable space.  However, the top shelf does not seem to get as cold as the other shelves.

If you want to store mostly bottles or tall cans, you might find that removing one of the shelves completely works better if you do not want to lay the beverages on their sides.