Best Microwave Brands in the Market

Popcorn. The ultimate test of a microwave oven’s usefulness comes down to a snack food that crosses cultural and ethnic lines. Yes, a microwave does more than make popcorn – they are perfect for reheating last night’s leftovers, quickly heating up a cup of tea or cooking simple meals. But without fail, one of the most common uses of a microwave can be seen in homes around the world when a bag of buttery deliciousness comes out. Those handy little bags of seeds and butter are the true indicator of a microwave’s usefulness and are often the first warning that something is wrong with the oven: the bag of popcorn doesn’t pop.

Whether you need a new microwave or simply want to upgrade your existing microwave oven, checking out the five best microwave brands will give you an idea of what options are available for your kitchen appliance.


Panasonic is a powerhouse in the small appliance department, offering state of the art technology that puts more options into their microwaves than ever before. Bringing their experience in electronics to the kitchen, Panasonic produces sleek designs in microwaves that house innovative methods like the Inverter Technology. Using true microwave heat, Inverter Technology allows foods to cook evenly and thoroughly – delivering you delicious, perfectly cooked foods every time.


Another strong contender in the microwave oven department, Whirlpool brings appliance experience to the kitchen. Known for their sleek designs and dependable machines, Whirlpool offers reliable microwaves that work exactly the way you want them too – when you need them. With standard features and easy to use machines, Whirlpool delivers not only a quality appliance; they have a responsive customer service department that sets the standard for all other microwave companies to follow.


Oster holds its own in the microwave oven section by consistently producing quality machines. If you are looking for a simple microwave, without unnecessary and expensive bells and whistles, Oster delivers. Sleek designs, with simple, easy to use settings are cornerstone features of the Oster line of machines. For the homeowner who wants to use their microwave as a microwave – nothing fancy, no culinary masterpieces need to be created in the microwave – just a simple tool to reheat and prepare food, the Oster line of ovens is perfect. Quality machines at reasonable prices are the trademark of Oster’s microwaves.


SunBeam microwave corners the market for small, reliable microwave ovens. Perfect for apartment dwellers, dorm rooms, travel trailers or anyone looking for a smaller machine, the SunBeam line gives you options in the smaller appliance line. Easy to use buttons are preset, and make cooking and reheating simple with a push of a button.


Rounding out the top five microwave ovens is Kenmore – long established as a powerhouse in the appliance department. With a tradition of quality and dependability, Kenmore brings innovative technology, sleek designs and responsive machines to the kitchen in their microwave oven line. Available in the standard styles and colors, you can find a machine that meets your needs, giving you the ease and simplicity of microwave cooking in a design you like.

Once you get your new microwave plugged in, toss in a bag of popcorn and relax on the couch – how much better can life get?