Best 4 Black Microwaves

Even though a lot of modern designers and kitchen experts are leaning more towards colorful microwaves and other small kitchen appliances to really help “watered down” kitchen designs pop, a black microwave is going to fit in just about any kitchen space without any headache, hassle, or “clashing” whatsoever.

The four microwaves outlined below represent some of the very best of the bunch, definitely some of the better looking black microwaves out there right now – and certainly some of the most powerful, compact, and easy to use.

Pay close attention to these breakdowns below, and you will have absolutely no trouble whatsoever picking and choosing amongst the best for black microwaves we’ve included in this quick guide!

Other colors: Red, White.

Sunbeam SGS90701B-B 0.7-Cubic Foot Microwave Oven (Reviews)

Sunbeam products (whether it’s their microwaves like this one or any of their other small kitchen appliances) enjoy a fantastic reputation as being some of the more reliable and durable options out there. This black microwave has a 0.7 ft.³ microwave capacity, while at the same time offering a uniquely simplified design aesthetic that keeps everything very, very functional and up front. One of the Amazon bestsellers in its class (the number one bestseller in countertop microwave ovens), it’s inexpensive, comes from a reliable and reputable manufacturer, and is just about everything you could want in this kind of product.

Panasonic NN-SN651B Genius 1.2 cubic feet 1200 Watt Sensor Microwave w/Inverter Technology (Reviews)
panasonic genius
Panasonic has long been regarded as one of the world’s best electronics companies, and when you see this black microwave in action you will understand why. Offering 1.2 ft.³ of microwave capacity, a 1200 W Sensor microwave (yes, you read that correctly – 1200 W of microwaving power is at your fingertips) and in inverter, you’ll see what this is a top-of-the-line solution that never threatens to break the bank account.

While a little bit “plain Jane” as far as aesthetics are concerned, if you’re looking for a black microwave that will never let you down – and still be pretty easy on the eyes – that this is your ticket.

Nostalgia Electrics RMO770BLK Retro Series Countertop Microwave Oven (Reviews)
Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series
The cheapest of all the microwaves available on this list (and even cheaper than the Sunday), Nostalgia Electronics hits that perfect blend of power, performance, functionality, and design aesthetic that so few other companies are able to come close to.

A throwback as far as design is concerned to simpler times, the black and chrome used this particular black microwave definitely makes it easy on the eyes – and perfect for just about any upscale design decor or aesthetic.

Frigidaire FFCM0724LB 700-watt Countertop Microwave, 0.7 Cubic Feet (Reviews)
Frigidaire FFCM0724LB
The Frigidaire model described recommended here looks exactly like the kind of black microwave that Batman would keep in the Batcave. A matte black door and window against a high-gloss black control pad really create an interesting contrast on this Frigidaire microwave, and make it one of the more visually interesting (and even exciting) microwave options out there right now.

An over the range microwave oven (and the number one bestseller in that category), this particular microwave may not be picture-perfect for everyone but if you have a need or desire for that type of technology you be at least a little bit crazy to move forward with anything else.

Those are the four best (very best) black microwave oven options available for sale today. You’ll want to do at least a little bit of extra research and due diligence when looking at these for products before you pull the trigger on a purchase, but regardless of which when you go with on this list you’ll be happy with your purchase!