3 Best Convection Microwaves

In the market for a new microwave? Want to enjoy the benefits of a convection oven but don’t want to invest in a full size oven? Now you can enjoy the space saving design of an all in one unit – a convection microwave that lets you maximize your cooking space and eliminates counter clutter.  Before you head to your nearest appliance store, check out these three best convection microwaves available.

Breville BOV800XL

Cuisinart’s CMW-200 1.2-Cubic-Foot Convection Microwave Oven + Grill
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The Cuisinart Convection Microwave Oven with Grill gives you nine preset options, making your favorite food preparation as easy as the touch of a button.  With four cook settings, the possibilities are endless: you can bake, roast, grill or warm up food quickly and easily.  This multi-stage cooking appliance shifts easily from one mode to another, making it the most versatile tool in your kitchen.  The Cuisinart lets you make every aspect of your meal: sauces, vegetables, grilled entrees and dessert can all be handled in this sleek design.  A space saver and a time saver all in one!

Panasonic’s NN-CD989S Genius “Prestige” Convection Microwave with Inverter Technology 1.5 Cubic Foot 1100-Watt Sensor
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Panasonic makes its entry into the convection microwave market with patented Inverter Technology – giving their microwave an edge over the competition.  A sleek design houses four cooking methods in 1.5 cubic feet of space.  One touch Genius Cook can automatically measure the steam produced when cooking and adjusts the cook time and power level accordingly – taking the guesswork out of making delicious meals.  Easy selection buttons let you bake, broil and microwave your food, or choose a combination method that gives you exactly the level of cooking you need – without burning or over cooking.  A menu action screen gives you detailed cooking instructions on the screen, and the keep warm option lets you use the oven as a warmer – maintaining temperature without cooking so your sauces and gravies are ready for the table when your food is done.  Panasonic’s Inverter Technology gives true pulsing power – making defrosting, as well as even cooking easy – delivering fresh, perfectly cooked food every time.

Breville’s BOV800XL Smart Oven with 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven and Element IQ
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Taking convection ovens in a different direction, Breville combines the power of convection cooking with the simplicity of a toaster oven, offering you smart cooking options and convenience.  Larger than most convection ovens, it can handle a 13 inch pizza, a whole chicken or six pieces of toast at once – giving you versatile cooking options in a sleek countertop design.  Equipped with Smart Oven Element IQ, it automatically adjusts the five cooking elements to deliver heat when and where it’s needed.  With nine preset functions, you can cook your favorite foods easily with the touch of a button.  Custom cooking options are also available letting you decide the exact amount of cooking you need.

By choosing a convection microwave oven, you’re giving yourself the power of a well-rounded kitchen – in one easy to use appliance.  Perfect for people with limited kitchen space, or who simply want an easy to use powerhouse appliance, the convection microwave combination gives your kitchen options galore.