Apartment Size Appliances Buyers’ Guide

There are many different types of home appliances, you have your major appliances such as refrigerator and stove, small appliances such as coffee maker or waffle irons, and consumer electronics such as computers and telephones. Each has their own purpose to make your life easier and can be essential to get through the day. Now days we depend on these appliances to get us through the day from breakfast, to work, and for cleaning.


Throughout history you can see the changes that home appliances brought to our daily lives, in 1901 the first engine powered vacuum cleaner helped clean our floors, even though the first practical home model wasn’t developed until 1907. Then 1903 brought on the first lightweight electric iron to press our clothes so we could appear neat and professional. The 1900’s were packed with home appliances that were designed to make our lives easier, and the revolution hasn’t even begun to slow down. Now we have 3D Smart TVs, Programmable Coffee Makers, and even robotic vacuum cleaners, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

What to look for when buying an apartment size appliance?

When you are looking to buy a new apartment appliance, whether it is a refrigerator, stove, computer, or even just a home phone, the first thing you want to do is make sure it is going to fit you and your lifestyle. Appliances can be very expensive and most people only replace them every 10 – 15 years or once they breakdown. The last thing you want to do is buy a mini fridge for a family of 8, it wouldn’t work. You will also want to consider the size of the appliance to ensure you have the space in your apartment for it. There is no point in buying the biggest refrigerator that you can find if it isn’t going to fit in your kitchen.

When you have selected something that you know will suit your life style, then you will want to focus on the price tag. Find something within your price range and narrow it down by the features you like the best about the product. If you are buying a computer and you work from home, you aren’t going to want a small laptop with 2 Gigs of memory and a handful of hard drive space. You will want something that suits your work and your wallet at the same time.

The final thing you will want to concentrate on when buying an appliance for your apartment is the cost of electricity that you will be using to power the appliance. Most people suggest buying products with an energy star sticker, however you can always ask your sales rep what it may cost to run the appliance. Washers and dryers use the most energy and you don’t want to pay crazy electric bills for doing your laundry.

Best Appliances for Aprtment

Small Microwave
Panasonic NN-SD372SWhether you live in a small apartment on your own or you have a big family with hungry mouths to feed, you probably know what it’s like to be pressed for time and still have to make dinner. It’s not a great feeling—you are tired and want to rest for the evening, not spend hours making a gourmet meal. Why not using small microwave for your needs? Small Microwave is suitable for apartment because of its compact size and help one with quickly cooking a meal.

18-Inch Dishwasher
Frigidaire FFBD1821MWAn 18-inch dishwasher is a great way to fit a lot of dishwashing power into a small space. But which is the best 18-inch dishwasher to buy? Let’s take a look at our top 3 picks. The 18 inch dishwasher, is the smallest type in the regular dishwasher category. There are many benefits in opting for this version when it comes to regular houses. The first one is that this is the optimal size in which the dishwasher is available.